This site is dedicated to all the non-human species of our planet. Many of us do mourn our collective treatment of you. You see, we are truly and literally a very sick species.

The smiling faces you see below are only a small part of a larger shame - a shame that lies with governments of developed nations such as Canada in issuing these idiots visas to hunt exotic animals abroad in underdeveloped countries where revenue from such hunts outweighs the protection of animals, both the cute and ugly ones...

To all those concerned - don't give up on being loud and don't forget your target is not the low self-esteemed trophie hunters you see on this site, rather on the pressuring of our governments in preventing this from happening by inposing travel restrictions.

We will continue to add faces to this website as they show themselves.


A letter to Jacine Jadresko. Canada


Jacine - Let me first say that I wish you and your family no harm and I wish you were not receiving that kind of hate mail. If the people sending you that crap really wanted you to stop trophy hunting they should realize that this approach only emboldens you and helps the brand you are trying to promote. I am writing you this letter because I think if you read it and are somewhat honest with yourself you will stop trophy hunting. Here are my 3 arguments:


Your augment and justification for trophy hunting is mainly that of conservation (the idea that we need to control certain animal populations to promote their sustained future numbers). In Canada and the US we have many organizations and watchdog groups that oversee this and ensure it's being done fairly well, but imagine for a second that we were a desperate nation where many humans were dying of starvation on a daily basis. We'd be changing our 'conservation' data real quick and we'd not say no to high paying hunter-tourism. Even if we can't be sure as to what the real population numbers are, Jacine, as rational human beings we really should err on the side of doubt given what's at stake.


On the surface and to the layperson your stuffed lions and tigers are impressive. You've done battle with the beast and were victorious. Of course I am being patronizing here, but I am doing so for a reason. You see my brothers and I used to hunt rabbits and pheasants for eating purposes, and I know how easy it is to kill wild animals. With modern weapons it is stupid easy (if you scroll down to the next trophy hunter on my list you will see even a 12 year old can do it). So yeah, when you factor in can't-miss weapons and an animal that is already domesticated and has been pre-baited with stale donuts by the guides you hired, you are not really doing anything that special. So I ask you, Jacine, why should that trophy make you feel special?

3. THE ANIMAL (I hate it when animal activists are outraged at the trophy killing of only the cute animals. Know that the following argument applies to the ugly ones as well.)

So I get that you are a pretty hot, sexy woman who is using your trophy hunting as a career, and you are probably on your way to fame and prosperity via this little thing you got going on. I want to know something though Jacine: when did taking a life for anything other than food become fucking okay? Please, anyone, tell me when we as humans, as Canadians, begin to say this is okay? I am betting when you are an old woman you will be sick about what you did. I hope your kids will see the truth, in the unadulterated way kids do, that this is kinda stupid and strange. So yeah, that zebra you shot probably never did anything to harm anything - why shouldn't you (as a rational human) afford it the same. Do no harm.


Eli Gourdin. Utah, USA

To all adult exotic hunters - this ones for you. You see even a child can hunt and kill one of these trophies. All we really see in the next 3 pictures is some guy with disposable income and low self-esteem paying hoards of cash to have African locals pre-bait an already domesticated animal, sit in a camouflaged lazy boy chair eating popcorn and wait for the animal to arrive so it can be shot with a high-powered rifle and a cant-miss scope... and poor Eli always thought he was doing something special. What a shame he's passing on his insecurities to his little girl and these animals die.

To the little girl with the gun: I know your father and even the African Gaming Authority who issued your license used sterilizing terms like 'conservation' and 'harvesting' to justify shooting that giraffe. You need to understand that to under-developed countries a $50,000 fee for a few exotic kill tags is a lot of money to them. It's a means for a desperate economy to generate money. As for your father, he's simply never known anything different and probably learned the same from his father. You have an opportunity to break the cycle and be a future spokeswoman on this issue...


Dr. Walter Palmer - Dentist. Minnesota, USA


Dr. Jan Casimir Seski - Gynecological Oncologist. Allegheny General Hospital - Pittsburgh, USA


Rebecca Francis


Kendall Jones